If you are looking for a weight loss shake that offers up only 100% natural ingredients for the finest nutritional benefits, then you should consider 310 nutrition as your first option. While many other brands create shakes which are loaded with artificial nastiness, 310 leads the way with their specially-formulated, organic plant-based shakes. 

You may think that the only things you need for a meal replacement shake are a low-calorie content and a few vitamins. Well, this really is not the case. Ideally, you want a shake which contains pure and natural ingredients, a powerful blend of proteins, more than sufficient vitamins and minerals, and a healthy helping of probiotics. 

When you take a look at some of the other types of shakes available, you will notice that they are full of synthetic vitamins and minerals and unhealthy and potentially dangerous sweeteners, such as Aspartame; and are lacking many of the important organic ingredients that make for a healthy body and mind. This is where 310 nutrition shake is slightly different from all of the rest. 

The brand’s shakes are built on a strong foundation of plant-based proteins, which include brown rice protein, green pea protein, and hemp protein. Each of these is delivered to the body at different speeds, therefore giving a steady release of essential proteins for many hours. Being plant-based also means that they are ideal for vegetarians and vegans and those who are lactose intolerant.  

Plant-based proteins have been extensively studied, and the results show that they not only provide the body with the building blocks to create lean and strong muscle mass, but they also help with weight loss. When talking about weight loss, you want to experience fat loss, not muscle and water loss. These proteins help the body burn body fat, thus they are an ideal way to cut and bulk at the same time. 

Next, 310 Nutrition’s shakes are loaded with fiber. Fiber should feature heavily in every diet, regardless of the desired end result. Fiber helps to stabilize blood glucose levels and reduce the amount of hunger you feel throughout the day. It also prevents food from being absorbed by the intestines too quickly, thus gives a slow release of energy. Think of it as a jelly sieve that only allows food particles through very slowly. 

Then there are the high-quality vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients, all of which have been perfectly blended to provide the body with all of the essential components it needs for proper functioning. Vitamins and minerals assist the body with energy creation and utilization and play a role in controlling our hormones. When your vitamin and mineral requirements are met, your body is better able to burn body fat and regulate fat storage. 

You will also discover that 310 Nutrition’s shakes contain zero sugar. Sugar is not a bad thing in itself, but when on a weight loss diet, it can seriously hamper your efforts. As it is an empty source of calories, it provides quick energy which in turn raises your blood sugar levels. When this drops, cravings for food set in and can be very intense. The best thing to do is to avoid sugar completely, and 310 nutrition helps with that. 

The addition of gut-friendly lactobacillus probiotics help keep your stomach health optimal too. There are over one Billion CFU per serving, which means that your body will be teeming with that good bacteria, which helps keep the rest of the body in tip-top condition. If you find a shake without probiotics, move on. Every part of 310 Nutrition meal replacement shakes have been created to be completely natural and organic. The human body was not designed to survive on fake nutrition and chemicals; it was designed for nutritionally dense whole foods. 

When you consider the price of the shakes offered by 310 nutrition, you will realize that what you get for your money is an amazingly good value. You get to provide your body with only the very best ingredients, which allows your body to perform at maximum capacity. Natural food has made a real comeback these past few years, and there is a good reason why. It is because, at the end of the day, our bodies thrive when given the best, and natural is always best. 

Myles Bon

Myles Bon

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