Top 3 Ways False Eyelashes Can Harm Your Eyes

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Women like to look and feel good, and when it comes to their eyes, long luxurious lashes are the epitome of looking good. In today’s world, most things have been taken to the next level and eyelashes are no exception.

Right now there are numerous lash extension salons that fill up with gals who are willing to break their banks in order to get the kind of lashes they see on celebrity magazines. As much as these lashes look real, we all know they are not.

There are “specialists” who offer these glam eyelashes but due to the hefty price tag they come with, most women cannot afford them and they turn to cheaper at-home lash extensions. Now, some of these regular extension kits come with very low-quality adhesives that not only cause skin irritation but the real lashes start to break and fall away.

There are millions of women around the world using these types of lashes in search of longer, thicker and stronger lashes and if you are one of them, you need to watch out. These lashes will look good but on the other hand, they can bring more harm than good.

There is a new better way to get that look without the kind of risk and expenses incurred by high-end extensions or even the cheap face lashes. One Two Cosmetics offers a new solution: magnetic eye lashes called One Two Lash.

Get the glamorous look you are dreaming of with One Two Lash

One Two Lash offers the glamorous look all women desire. They are made for any kind of occasion or as an everyday wear. These lashes attach to your natural lashes instantly and can put on fast, regardless of where you are, courtesy of the convenient One Two kit.

Learn more about the damage that other lash extensions can do. Herein are three of the worst ways these fake eyelashes might harm your eyes.

Damage your healthy eyes

According to research, women who use these cheap fake eyelashes with adhesives are prone to damages to their healthy eyes. In a study that was conducted, participants that used eyelash extension kits with glue adhesives reported various ocular disorders. Some of them included corneal erosion, severe cornea inflammation, broken blood vessels in their eyes, crusting, dry eye and severe allergic reactions.

According to the research, one of the major reasons for the occurrence of all these disorders was due to the mishandling of the lashes and the glue used to put them on. One of the reasons for this is the fact that these low-cost eyelashes could contain different types of toxic chemicals either in the glue or on the lashes themselves. Some of these chemicals can include ester, formaldehyde, urethane rubber or Ethyl-2 Cyanoacrylate.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology reported having revealed some of the dangers of eyelash extension kits that use glue adhesives. Researchers warned people against using low-quality false eyelashes due to the fact that they increase the risk of bacterial, fungal and viral infections to the eyes.

Potential damages to your good vision

During the application of false lashes at home, you will probably need the help of some metal tools or at least your fingertips in order to align them in place. While doing this, you risk poking your eye or scratching the corneas at least. It has become very common for women to scratch the surfaces of their eyes or cause permanent damages to their eyes by poking them with fingertips or sharp tools while applying the adhesive or adjusting the lashes.

This is a very risky behavior considering how delicate eyes are. It is not only unsanitary but, it could cause permanent damages to your vision.

Real eyelashes fail

When most people choose to visit a professional specialist for long luxurious lashes, they feel that they are in safe hands and nothing could possibly go wrong. Now that is a bit far from the truth. According to study, the more hair is touched or pulled the higher the chances of it falling over time. This means that even when women go to a specialist for application, there are still chances that they could be worsening the problem.

Even doing it at home is not any better because pulling and rubbing on real lashes while putting on the fake ones causes the natural lashes to break and fall off. Despite the fact that beauty is the pain, getting these fake lashes could be far worse than pain. Conventional fake lashes are not only expensive but they will cost you these three major problems and leave your natural lashes looking sparse, thinner and fragile.

Instead of going through all this and taking too many risks, the better option is trying the exclusive mini-magnet technology from One Two Cosmetics’ new line of magnetic eyelash extensions.

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