6 Dangers of Fake Eyelashes You Can Avoid With One Two Lash

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False eyelashes are an ingenious way to accent eyes and glam up your look – quickly. Long, lush lashes are a staple of femininity, and for those who naturally possess them, great. For those who don’t? We need to find a way to fake it. Falsies help, but if you really want to take your lash look to the next level, you may need to add more to your natural lashes than just fake extensions. Those eyelash extension kits you can get at your favorite local pharmacy usually include adhesive glue that can contains any number of toxins, like formaldehyde – a chemical shown in clinical studies to potentially harm healthy eyes.

If you want to avoid the suspicious ingredients in the glue of traditional fake eyelashes, you may decide to pay the high price of lash extensions at a lash salon. The downside of these is that they cost hundreds of dollars and only last a few weeks. Not to mention that many people offer this service but do not have the proper skills to apply the lashes safely and effectively.

But there is a new alternative to both of those options, and they’re called One Two Lash. They’re magnetic false eyelashes that you can apply easily from home, and as long as you take care of them, they’ll last a long time.

Not totally convinced? Here are six dangers of fake eyelashes, and how you can avoid them by using One Two Lash:

  • Extra Pulling and Touching. One of the best things about getting fake eyelash extensions is that they add a fuller, thicker look to your regular eyelashes. But the only way to attach false lashes is to glue them to your natural lashes right – where they grow out of your eyelids. This is a sensitive area, and most people tend to fidget with their falsies, so they end up repeatedly tugging on their natural lashes.

Studies have shown that extra eyelash pulling and touching is one of the most common causes of breakage and lash sparsity.

  • Eye Damage. If you have ever worn fake eyelashes, you may already know that they are not the most comfortable beauty accessory out there. Just applying the lashes yourself at home can leave you with incredibly messy and even toxic glue on your skin. The application process also often involves putting sharp objects near your eyes. And all of this can cause natural lash loss.

Studies have confirmed that many different eye problems result from applying, wearing, and removing fake eyelashes, including chronic inflammation, redness, allergies, erosion of the cornea, and even hemorrhaging in the eye.

  • A Hefty Price Tag. If you crave full lashes every day of the week, you may have considered going to a posh lash salon. There you’ll find a slew of lash specialists who will carefully apply individual sections of extenders to your natural lashes. This service can cost anywhere from $150.00-$200.00 per sitting. However, you’ll have to sit back right back down in that chair up to three times a month to maintain the look of your temporarily lush lashes.

This may not seem too expensive at the start, but over time, some women may end up forking over thousands of dollars – just to keep up this temporarily lavish look.

  • The Tools. If you are applying fake eyelashes at home, it can be very difficult to add the adhesive and apply them to your lid without the help of tools. Most people use tweezers, eyelash curlers, and other sharp objects in order to get the job done. And this can be very risky! Just one slip up, and you could cause permanent damage to your eyes, delicate skin, or even your vision.
  • Painful Removal. After batting your long, and lovely lashes at you beau (and anyone else you can), you might be ready to go back to a natural look … however, it may not be that easy. Removal of conventional fake eyelashes can be ultra painful – as you tug the lashes away from your delicate lash line, ripping and tearing your sensitive skin, and causing lash fall. If you have ever found yourself in this situation, you may have asked yourself, “Isn’t there a better way?”
  • The Time. When you want to get glam lashes, you may need to set aside a good chunk of time. It could cost you up to three hours to purchase, prepare, and apply false lashes at home (and even more time if you opt for the salon extensions route). Who has the time?

You can avoid these dangerous of conventional fake eyelashes. There is another option …

The One Two Lash Difference

What if you could have long, luscious, and natural looking lashes without all of the pain, fuss, and potential harm of other types of fake eyelashes? Well … now you can. Introducing the exclusive micro-magnetic technology of One Two Lash! Designed to make your own lashes look even more dramatic, these magnetic lash extensions eliminate the need for toxic adhesives and expensive trips to the lash salon.

Taking your bold look to the next level is as easy as One Two Lash!

To apply One Two Lashes:

  • Remove the top lash from the box (the one without the red dot), and hold it just above the top lash line of your eye.
  • Align the corner edges of the One Two Lash with the edges of your eye’s natural lash line, and set the lash down.
  • As the top One Two Lash rests on your natural lashes, remove the bottom lash from the One Two Lash box (the one with the red dot).
  • Pick it up, and align the edges of the bottom One Two Lash with the bottom corners of your natural lash line. Then the micro-magnets will meet together, sandwiching your natural lashes..
  • You may need to blink a few times to secure the position of your One Two Lashes.

Removal of One Two Lashes is even easier.

Simply take the soft pads of your index finger and thumb, and gently slide the One Two Lashes away from each other. Voilà!

One Two Lashes are available in three different styles for every one of your looks, including the Original Lash (made for a natural appearance), Bold Lash (for high-intensity volume), and Accent Lash (for a fun and flirty feel). So, ditch the dangerous conventional low-quality fake lashes you can buy at the store, and the painfully long sessions at expensive lash salons, and try the patented micro-magnetic technology of the world’s first magnetic lashes.

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