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Recipes, Tips, and Tricks to Use Your Favorite Diet Shakes

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If you’ve never had a protein shake before, you probably have a host of assumptions in the back of your mind. Many men and women interested in trying these shakes for the first time do not totally understand what they include. Diet shakes do not offer muscle building or fat reducing properties. They also doesn’t have to taste like fruits or vegetables.

Rather, these shakes are powdered foods that supplement an already healthy diet. They may push you through a particularly difficult workout or help you get through the day with less calories than you typically consume. This is why many individuals use protein and meal replacement shakes when they are trying to lose a significant amount of weight.

Meal Replacement vs. Protein

There is a stark difference between meal replacement shakes and protein shakes – the two pillars of diet shakes. Meal replacement shakes can replace a meal entirely. They provide all of the same essential nutrients a normal meal would, while containing between 100 and 400 calories.

Protein shakes are not, and should not be used as, a complete meal. They should be used, instead, as a supplemental snack that provides a punch of protein. More often than not, protein shakes are used before or after a heavy workout. They provide an extra push of energy with far less calories than a meal replacement shake.

Tips and Tricks for Better Results

Whether you are using meal replacement shakes or protein shakes, you should keep these tips and tricks in mind for faster and better results:

  • Don’t be afraid to try new shakes – or a variety of the same brand. This will keep you on your toes.
  • Don’t use shakes for convenience. Plan carefully when and how they are going to be used. You should also take the time to count your calories. If you rely too heavily on diet shakes, you will quickly find yourself malnourished.
  • Use fresh fruits and vegetables to make your own shakes at home. You can also use ingredients like peanut butter and chocolate. Remember, diet shakes don’t have to taste like spinach to be effective.
  • Ensure that your shakes are worth at least two hundred calories – especially if you intend to rely on them for entire meals. You should also check the nutrient label and compare nutrition facts to those of other possible meals.
  • If you have a tendency to indulge yourself during certain meals because you lack the time to make a proper dish, use protein or meal replacement shakes to take off the edge. They can easily become a grab-and-go habit.
  • Never allow meal replacement shakes to become your primary source of food throughout the day. You should still consume at least one healthy meal, unless instructed by a physician. More often than not, you should still consume at least two.

Some Examples

Now that we’ve established the basics of using diet shakes, let’s go through some popular examples. We’ll provide information about each one – in addition to a review on each.

  • Orgain Organic Shakes

Orgain is all about ready-to-drink protein shakes. Not only are options sold for adults, but there are also unique shakes for children. Flavors include chocolate fudge, iced café mocha, strawberries and cream, and vanilla bean. Children can have chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. However, you should keep in mind that Orgain shakes are not meant to be meal replacement shakes. They are simply supplementary.

  • 310 Meal Replacement Shakes

This particular option is our personal favorite for meal replacement. 310 meal replacement shakes are unique. Each offers specific Tri-Plex proteins, high fiber, and a great taste. There are flavors like chocolate, vanilla chai, vanilla, and strawberry. You can purchase products online, including kits that can help you get started. We appreciate the personalized process. Plus, the 310 formula has recently been changed to include only plant-based materials – improving the taste and effectiveness of the product.

  • Homemade Peanut Butter Shakes

Rather than purchasing a specific product, you can purchase ingredients to make your own unique shakes at home. A peanut butter and banana shake includes one banana, a half cup of Greek yogurt, one cup of fat-free milk, one tablespoon of cocoa powder, one tablespoon of peanut butter, and six ice cubes. Not only will you appreciate the taste, but you’ll witness each calorie going into your drink. You can find other unique recipes online.

These are just a few options you can explore if you are interested in trying diet shakes for the first time. We recommend doing extensive research and trying several options before choosing your favorite brand or flavor.

Good luck!