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A one-stop shop for information on local facilities for people moving house, students, renters and landlords

London UK, Wednesday 29th June 2016 – An informative web service, Search Location ( is now providing Homeowners, Landlords & Parents with online access to local facilities based on a postcode or street address in England, Scotland and Wales.

Search Location Screenshot (1)

Search Location Screenshot (1)

Home movers, Landlords and Parents no longer need to trawl different websites to find details of local facilities and information on street addresses across the UK, which the site visitor can view, download or print. has been designed to be user-friendly, highly functional and mobile friendly providing the end users with a system to search by street address or postcode.

Users can search for the nearest schools to a chosen street address. Primary, secondary and academies are listed. The service is particularly useful for home movers who are moving to a new locality.

Broadband speeds are shown for each street address. This is an important factor for potential home movers and tenants with a recent report[1] by Halifax reporting that a fifth of UK adults are prepared to pay more with a good broadband connection.

Local transport links are listed showing the distance between the chosen street address and bus and train stops. The information is vital for those researching their new commute to work.

Searchers can be assured that the website information is accurate and updated as soon as new information is available.

Having this information to hand, whether at work, home or on the go will enable searchers to look at information regarding key local facilities all on one screen from a simple postcode search. The website will continuously be updated with new services relevant to local areas. The site will have a blog which will be updated with latest news on street addresses.

Founders Dan Morgan and Anthony Jones have worked on previous websites that have involved large datasets and were keen to provide a reliable service to enable users to suss out their own neighbourhoods or new areas.


About Search Location
Search Location has been launched to give users instant information regarding their surrounding area. Investors, Students and home movers use the information to aid their decision in the home buying and moving process. More information can be found at

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