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Seven Tips to Keep Your Home Free Of Fleas

Home Free Of Fleas

Fleas are parasites that live on the bodies of mammals and birds. They are mostly found on the animals covered with fur and hair. They do not fly around like a lot of insects but fleas can move by jumping from surface to surface. Just like mosquitoes, fleas feed on the blood of their host by piercing the skin and ...

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Smart Storage Announces 100 Jobs in the UK and Ireland

Expansion Plans include Europe, Canada, and the US London, UK – 18 May 2016 – Smart Storage Ltd, specialists in discrete under stair storage solutions and a successful 2012 Dragons Den entrant, has announced the creation of 100 new jobs in the UK and Ireland over the next 18 months. Smart Storage is creating 40 jobs in the UK, as ...

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Moixa’s Brief-case Sized Smart Batteries in Big-6 Utility Pilots

[ad_1] London, 8 June 2016: Moixa Technology, the UK leader in residential energy storage, today announced with ScottishPower, a ground-breaking pilot of Moixa’s smart battery Maslow product in customer homes, helping them to save money and use more of the energy they generate. It also demonstrates how storage technology could address the challenges facing the UK’s overstretched grid. In pilots ...

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Online Service for Home Movers & Students to Check Local Areas

[ad_1] A one-stop shop for information on local facilities for people moving house, students, renters and landlords London UK, Wednesday 29th June 2016 – An informative web service, Search Location (searchlocation.co.uk) is now providing Homeowners, Landlords & Parents with online access to local facilities based on a postcode or street address in England, Scotland and Wales. Search Location Screenshot (1) ...

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A house saved from fire by Welcome, Netatmo’s smart indoor security camera

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, home security cameras revolutionise residential security. Smart home cameras now precisely detect unusual situations. They are for instance able to detect fire alarms before a fire spreads. London 26 July 2016 As the smart home revolution takes charge, monitored surveillance systems are being gradually replaced by smart security cameras. Less expensive, these new cameras use Artificial ...

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Quintessentially British Furniture by Pro Auction

London 17th July 2017, When we imagine an essentially English day certain things come to mind, a good cup of tea, a delicious plate of scones with strawberries and cream, perhaps the royal family even come to mind, a row of well-maintained beautiful roses and of course, a full English breakfast. For that is what is so quintessentially British after ...

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