A Complete Guide: Choosing a Laptop for Linux

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A Complete Guide

While practically any workstation will run some Linux, there are laptop models that are superior to the rest for a specific Linux distro or for Linux all in all. On the off chance that you are going to pick a laptop for Linux, here are a few hints to consider.

Consider the Parameters You Need  

Your mission for the best Linux laptop begins in a customary manner – with a similar conceptualizing you would do when buying any new PC. Consider the equipment parameters you need your new workstation to have. These incorporate CPU speed, measure of RAM, stockpiling, on-board or remain solitary cards (realistic, arrange, and so forth.). 

At this stage the procedure isn’t vastly different than picking some other PC – peruse what’s as of now accessible and waitlist the models that meet your equipment necessities. 

Think about Buying an Older/Less Powerful Computer  

Linux utilizes PC assets in a progressively proficient manner, and even with less ground-breaking equipment, you can accomplish a superior presentation than with an all the more dominant PC running Windows. I am stating this as a matter of fact! 

On the off chance that you are only a common client, with Linux you don’t really need to go for the freshest and most costly equipment. Generally new or utilized equipment/workstations that are a couple of years old are fine for you. As a customary client, you barely need the costliest realistic cards, an ultra-quick CPU, or TBs of plate stockpiling limit. 

Linux gives a great deal of decision – in the event that one distro won’t run on your PC, basically attempt another. At the point when I purchased another PC a year ago, it was unreasonably new for a portion of the Ubuntu distros I attempted. Some of them wouldn’t introduce by any stretch of the imagination. At that point I attempted LXDE, a distro for old PCs which is pressed with a wide range of drivers, and it brought about the ideal result! Over everything, since this was a distro for old PCs, it ran at light speed. 

LXDE was an answer for me since I didn’t require a specific distro. In the event that I did, possibly I would have needed to hang tight for several months until my preferred distro discharged another rendition and expectation that the drivers I required are incorporated.

Check Open Source Compatibility Databases  

In the event that you as of now have a couple of favored workstation models, the following stage is to check if these specific models are guaranteed for Linux similarity. There are a considerable number of spots you can check. For example, you can begin with this database of equipment that works with free working frameworks. 

On the off chance that you will introduce Linux Mint, at that point their equipment similarity assets are a decent beginning stage. 

For Ubuntu, you should check their merchant affirmation list. Pick the supplier and afterward select in the event that you need to see all their confirmed models or just PCs/work areas, separately. 

The arrangements of Linux-ensured PCs are entirely long, and it’s difficult to state there is a solitary best PC model or brand for Linux. By and large, from what I know, IBM Thinkpads do entirely well under Linux. Dells likewise have an enormous number of Linux-affirmed gadgets.

Choosing a Laptop for Linux

Peruse Online to See What Other Users Are Saying  

Regardless of whether the workstation brand and model you’ve picked are on the affirmed PCs show, it won’t damage to do some more research. You can check bolster gatherings for potential issues proprietors of the model you’ve picked have had. 

Preferably, you are searching for data about the distro you intend to utilize. For well-known PC models and Linux distros, odds are there will be data, however don’t underestimate this. For less well-known PC models and Linux distros, there may be no data by any stretch of the imagination, which sadly doesn’t mean there will be no issues. 

Get a Laptop with Pre-Installed Linux  

If all else fails, in the event that you don’t confide in your aptitudes to pick a Linux-perfect PC all alone, you should seriously mull over the alternative to purchase a workstation with pre-introduced Linux. Obviously, this may restrict your decisions, however in the event that you truly need it, put it all on the line. EmperorLinux and LinuxCertified are two spots where you can get a PC with pre-introduced Linux, and the decision of distros there isn’t terrible.


Picking a Linux PC isn’t that entirely different from picking a workstation by and large, however it’s great to know a few points of interest, for example, where to discover pre-introduced Linux or where to check for similarity. It’s actual Linux will run on practically any PC, however on the off chance that you need to maintain a strategic distance from disagreeable astonishments, simply check ahead of time if your specific model isn’t known for its issues with Linux.

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