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Probiotics are just about everywhere. More than likely you’ve seen an ad for a probiotic product on television or the Internet in the last few weeks. But what are they and why should you be interested?

Probiotics – The Basics

There is a major battle being waged in your “gut,” or gastrointestinal tract, every day. The battle pits beneficial, or “good” bacteria versus pathogenic, or “bad” bacteria. When there is a good balance between good and bad microbes, your gut health is usually fine. But when the “bad guys” outnumber the good, that can lead to digestive problems. Probiotic supplements reinforce the number of good bacteria so your gut can work as it should.1

What are the Benefits?

There is solid scientific evidence that probiotics can help the body in many different ways. Here’s some information on what the research says about the benefits.

  • Oral health – You probably already know that poor oral health can have an impact on your overall health. But you might not be aware of the fact that probiotics can fight the damage bad bacteria can do to your mouth. In one study, researchers found that a form of good bacteria known as Lactobacillus reuteri can help inhibit the development of tooth decay.2
  • Respiratory issues – The results of one study show that probiotic supplements could help reduce the chances of developing an upper respiratory infection. The researchers conducting the study put children in two groups. One of them received probiotic-enriched milk and the other received regular milk. The children who drank the enriched milk, the researchers found, were 17 percent less likely to develop an infection than the other group.3
  • Digestive problems – Many people who take antibiotics later suffer from a problem known as antibiotic-associated diarrhea, or AAD. The reason is that antibiotics not only kill bad bacteria, they kill good ones as well. One study shows that probiotic supplements containing Lactobacillus bacteria can help lessen many of the symptoms of AAD.4

Lifestyle Habits that Can Hurt Your Gut Health

Probiotic supplements can help offset some of the damage that many people do to their gut without even knowing it. For example, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs do a great job of relieving pain, but they might cause side effects. Research indicates that they might increase your risk of developing an ulcer.5

Drinking to excess can also hurt the gut. The reason is that alcohol overindulgence can lead to the accumulation of bad bacteria. This, in turn, can lead to a problem known as “leaky gut syndrome.” This condition weakens the intestinal walls, allowing toxic materials to enter the intestine.6

One of the best ways you can protect your gut health is by making sure you have an ample supply of beneficial bacteria. You’ll find good bacteria in many different types of foods, such as yogurt, sauerkraut and sourdough bread. However, it can be hard to get enough good bacteria through food alone. That’s why many people turn to probiotic supplements. They come in many forms, but capsules are the best. The reason is that they will survive your stomach’s harsh, acidic environment. As a result, the probiotics within the capsules will survive and be able to get to your gut.7

The ActivatedYou Difference

Founded by television and movie actress Maggie Q and Dr. Edison de Mello, ActivatedYou is devoted to helping people be their healthiest. Dr. de Mello started the Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine, located in Santa Monica, CA. His innovative approach to medicine combines the best of both Eastern and Western approaches.

ActivatedYou products feature a combination of safe, natural ingredients that help ensure optimum gut health. For example, the company’s Advanced Restorative Probiotic is an incredibly powerful supplement that contains more than 30 strains of beneficial bacteria. It provides billions of helpful bacteria that help not only improve gut health, but also help improve your mood and boost your energy levels. Simply take one capsule each day with a glass of water and a meal to start enjoying the benefits. Even better, all ActivatedYou products come with a no-hassle, money-back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the results you receive, just send it back within 90 days for a full, no-questions-asked refund.


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